About Me

I am a I am a Delivery Data Scientist for Microsoft in the Azure Cloud and AI Team.

Projects include:

  • Automated visual inspection of pharmaceutical manufacturing product.
  • Process optimisation for steel manufacturing plant.
  • Visual positioning system for staff location tracking.
  • Vehicle driver fatigue detection.
  • Document search and enrichment, including automated entity extraction.
  • Energy generation scheduling optimisation.

Previously I worked for Hitachi Consulting for which engagements included:

  • Energy generation and trading optimisation platform for the German Energy Industry.
  • Sewage pump predictive maintenance for a major UK Water and Sewerage Company.
  • Modelling the effects of the socialised benefits of renewable energies for the Isles of Scilly.
  • Predictive maintenance for road vehicle, train, and submarine components.
  • Marketing analysis for a global retail complex operator.

Technology experience includes:

  • Languages: Python, JavaScript, R, HTML, CSS
  • Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP, T-Systems
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, CosmosDB (MongoDB), Redis, SQLite, SQL Server
  • Web Frameworks: Bootstrap, Django, Flask, Django REST Framework
  • Plotting libraries: Highcharts, C3, nvD3, D3, matplotlib, plotly
  • Data Analysis: Scipy, Statsmodel, NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, PuLP, Keras, Lifetimes.
  • ORM: SQLAlchemy
  • Message Queuing: RabbitMQ (+Celery)
  • Containerisation: Docker, docker-compose, kubernetes
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Travis
  • Remote Deployment: Ansible
  • Version Control: Git, TFS
  • Notebooks: Jupyter

Prior to Hitachi, I was a freelance web consultant and designed websites for small/medium enterprises.

Personal projects can be found on my GitHub

I have a PhD in Biochemistry, with a focus on the biochemical and structural characterisation of proteins that replicate DNA through damage caused by mutagens such as UV light.

I worked in the laboratory of Prof. Aidan Doherty at the Genome Damage and Stability Centre and have a number of high-impact publications as detailed below.

Molecular dissection of the domain architecture and catalytic activities of human PrimPol.
Nucleic Acids Research. 2014. 42(9):5830-45
Keen BA, Jozwiakowski SK, Bailey LJ, Bianchi J, Doherty AJ.

Human PrimPol mutation associated with high myopia has a DNA replication defect.
Nucleic Acids Research. 2014. 42(19):12102-11
Keen BA, Bailey LJ, Jozwiakowski SK, Doherty AJ.

Primase-polymerases are a functionally diverse superfamily of replication and repair enzymes.
Nucleic Acids Research. 2015. 43(14):6651-64
Guilliam TA, Keen BA, Brissett NC, Doherty AJ.

Molecular basis for PrimPol recruitment to replication forks by RPA.
Nature Communications. 2017. 15222.
Guilliam TA, Brissett NC, Ehlinger A, Keen BA, Kolesar P, Taylor EM, Bailey LJ, Lindsay HD, Chazin WJ, Doherty AJ.

Additionally, I have a first-class honours degree from the University of Southampton in Biochemistry