Working with timezones in python

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Working with timezones in python

This very short post looks at converting dates between timezones.

The most prevalent library for timezones in python is pytz, which can be installed by:

pip install pytz

It allows you to manipulate times by assigning times to timezones using Olsen timezones (e.g. Europe/London).

Let’s first import our required packages: datetime and pytz.

In [1]:
import datetime
import pytz

Now let’s take a look at converting a local Sydney time to UTC.

We need to first localize the time using our local timezone.

Then we normalize the time to our target timezone.

In [2]:
dt = datetime.datetime(2000, 1, 1, 18, 30)
2000-01-01 18:30:00
In [3]:
local_tz = pytz.timezone('Australia/Sydney')
dt = local_tz.localize(dt)
2000-01-01 18:30:00+11:00
In [4]:
target_tz = pytz.timezone('UTC')
dt = target_tz.normalize(dt)
2000-01-01 07:30:00+00:00

Using pytz Olsen timezones rather than just defining the offsets ourselves is incredibly useful.

One of the reasons for this is that timezones for a given location can change.

For example, if we’re in Germany we have 2 timezones, thanks to daylight savings time:

  • Central European Time (CET, UTC+0100)
  • Central European Summer Time (CEST, UTC+0200)

Let’s see this in action, let’s take the same local time in the winter and in the summer and see what happens.

In [5]:
winter_dt = datetime.datetime(2017, 1, 1, 14, 0)
print(winter_dt.strftime("Winter Local Time: %H:%M"))

summer_dt = datetime.datetime(2017, 7, 1, 14, 0)
print(summer_dt.strftime("Summer Local Time: %H:%M"))

local_tz = pytz.timezone('Europe/Berlin')
target_tz = pytz.timezone('UTC')

winter_dt = local_tz.localize(winter_dt)
summer_dt = local_tz.localize(summer_dt)

winter_dt = target_tz.normalize(winter_dt)
summer_dt = target_tz.normalize(summer_dt)

print(winter_dt.strftime("Winter UTC Time: %H:%M"))
print(summer_dt.strftime("Summer UTC Time: %H:%M"))
Winter Local Time: 14:00
Summer Local Time: 14:00
Winter UTC Time: 13:00
Summer UTC Time: 12:00