About Me

I am a consultant and python developer for Hitachi Consulting. My current project is a custom SaaS Django web application for the German Energy Industry.

I have experience in linear programming and my blog posts on this topic can be found here. Additionally, I have experience with pandas/numpy, Django, Fabric and REST.

Prior to Hitachi, I was a freelance web consultant and designed websites for small/medium enterprises, examples of such work can be found at the bottom of this page.

Personal projects can be found on my GitHub

I have a PhD in Biochemistry, with a focus on the biochemical and structural characterisation of proteins that replicate DNA through damage caused by mutagens such as UV light.

I worked in the laboratory of Prof. Aidan Doherty at the Genome Damage and Stability Centre and have a number of high-impact publications as detailed below.

Molecular dissection of the domain architecture and catalytic activities of human PrimPol.
Nucleic Acids Research. 2014. 42(9):5830-45
Keen BA, Jozwiakowski SK, Bailey LJ, Bianchi J, Doherty AJ.

Human PrimPol mutation associated with high myopia has a DNA replication defect.
Nucleic Acids Research. 2014. 42(19):12102-11
Keen BA, Bailey LJ, Jozwiakowski SK, Doherty AJ.

Primase-polymerases are a functionally diverse superfamily of replication and repair enzymes.
Nucleic Acids Research. 2015. 43(14):6651-64
Guilliam TA, Keen BA, Brissett NC, Doherty AJ.

Additionally, I have a first-class honours degree from the University of Southampton in Biochemistry